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Edan Gorlicki  ‘Body Language’

Sonntag, 15. Nov. 2020  11:30 - 15 Uhr  Tanztribüne

Edan Gorlicki  ‘Body Language’

Workshop Open Level

This workshop will take the participants through the outlying score of the Body Language practice developed by the choreographer Edan Gorlicki together with the performer Mayke van Kruchten. The practice will guide the participant through a step by step score challenging body coordination and mind work. In the first half of the workshop we focus on mastering the overloading of the body and mind with rules and forms. The second part of the workshop will then release the body and mind of these rules and reveal a listening practice of what the body is left with – revealing a more intuitive, subtle and authentic practice and journey of the body’s own interests.

Edan Gorlicki is the choreographer and artistic director of INTER-ACTIONS Dance Company in Heidelberg. His choreographic works have been awarded the Tanz- und Theaterpreis der Stadt Stuttgart und des Landes Baden-Württemberg for 2017 & 2019. The philosophy of Edan’s artistic approach is based on searching the self within its surroundings. Layered, complex and thought provoking, Edan’s work explores social, psychological and emotional realms. His body of work tackles numerous subjects such as decision making, gender and identity, privilege, communication, power and control, sexuality, fantasy, stress, addictions, belonging and perceptions. Currently Edan is developing a Trilogy of 3 productions on the theme of collective and generational Trauma.

11:30 bis 15:30

Open Level, Bewegungserfahrung vorausgesetzt

Unterrichtssprache: Englisch

Kosten: 40€ (30€ ermäßigt*/ bei Anmeldung bis zum 31.10.)

Hardtstraße 37a, 76185 Karlsruhe

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